Calgary Main Streets Initiative's first changes bound for council Monday

Main Streets goes to Council for approval on Monday April 10

See more about this project, and subscribe for news updates on the City's Main Streets page and check out this news story from Metro. 

Did you know that the City of Calgary has been developing a 20-30 year Municipal Development plan for 24 main street corridors around Calgary? This exciting initiative has had input from Calgarians, main street users, businesses, residents and development experts to make sure high density areas are meeting the needs of locals and development plans are adequately supported by resources (like water & infrastructure).

Killarney is lucky enough to be one of the top 3 priority mainstreet areas which has recently gone to the City Planning Commission for approval.

Engagement on these streets has been on going and some of our most highly affected residents in Killarney will have seen mailouts earlier this year explaining the new re-zoning vision.


- Where: 17th Ave from Macleod to 37th Street SW & 37th Street from Bow Trail to 26 Ave SW

- What is proposed: a change to the zoning allowance to enable mixed use facilities

- What will happen to my lot if it is in the zone?:  No action will be forced upon you as a result of this plan. This is a long term vision and means that there has been careful thought about permit allocations in the area.  So if you should which to sell, the buyer already has some pre-authorized zoning in place should they which to change the property.

- How might this impact Killarney: It will make Killarney a destination location in Calgary as it will be surrounded by a new variety of retail and small businesses and improved walkability.  It will introduce higher density around us but with that, bring better walkability and diversity.

- How is the KGCA involved: We are a key stakeholder for the project and are being given regular updates from the team.  We also are providing feedback to the project about infrastructure support requirements and ways in which we can preserve the character of the community.

- How was the community engaged?

- What’s next: This spring, the implementation plan, which includes land use (rezoning) and policy improvements, will be up for review and approval by Calgary Planning Commission, Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development and City Council. 

Past presentation dates

• Calgary Planning Commission: February 23, 2017

• Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development: March 8, 2017

For more information and maps, please go to the MainStreets webpage.

*Does this sort of topic interest you?  We are recruiting for a Director of Development on our board to represent the community on these sort of projects.  Join us!

City of Calgary: Crowchild Trail Study

The below information is from the City of Calgary:


Presenting the Final Plans to Council

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation and feedback throughout the study process.  Together, we have developed short-, medium- and long-term plans that reflect a balance of many ideas and perspectives, and best align with the study’s key principles and goals.

The final recommendations for the study will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Transportation and Transit (a committee of Council):

  • Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017
  • Time: 9:30 a.m. (please review agenda for a more accurate time)
  • Location: 800 Macleod Trail S.E. (Council Chamber)

If you are interested in speaking to the recommendations, you are welcome to join us.  As with the majority of reports from City Administration, the report for the Crowchild Trail Study will first be presented to the SPC on Transportation and Transit before it is presented to Council.  You may share your thoughts at Committee, but not at a regular meeting of Council.  Reports are heard in the order they appear on the agenda which is published approximately four days in advance of the meeting.

More information on attending meetings of Council and Standing Policy Committeesis available here. If you are interested in attending, please familiarize yourself with the procedures outlined by City Clerk’s in advance.


**If you would like printable copies of the recommended plans, please visit the Phase 6 Project Library. **


What We Heard Reports Posted Online

Over the past few months, we have been reviewing and compiling all the input we have received in phases five and six.  All of the What We Heard Reports (including the verbatim comments) are now posted online in the Project Library. 

Click on the links to view Phase 5 and/or Phase 6.


Learn More About Crowchild Trail Using This Story Map

Explore how Crowchild Trail came to be, including its current issues and future needs.

Learn why the Crowchild Trail Study is necessary to accommodate future demands on our transportation network as Calgary continues to grow and redevelop in the coming decades.



Glengarry Park Revitalization

If you couldn't make it to the Open House on March 14, you can still see the revised plan and provide your feedback via the online survey - open until March 30:

Take the Survey Now


A very successful first community engagement was held on Monday Oct 17 where 71 people came to share their views on the project and a total of 182 online survey forms were received. 

A second Open House was held on Tuesday March 14 from 4:30-6:30 at the Good Companions 55 Plus Club to allow all residents an opportunity to see the revised plan and provide feedback. Results to come.

Community Engagement 1: Monday October 17

The results from October 2016 showed greater than 90% support the revitalization plan. The most common feedback for the plan was that the proposed use of space offers a good balance that enhances the community and residents’ quality of life. However, there was concern expressed that the scale of the concept drawings was out of proportion giving the impression that there was not a functional use of space properly divided between the playground area, free-play open space for children and the proposed fenced off-leash dog area.

The goal now is to incorporate elements of the design that address the concerns that were expressed in the preliminary proposal in combination with those elements of the design that people felt were a necessity to maximize the use of our park. The architect’s revised plan incorporates those views by relocating the proposed fenced dog area to the far north end of the park utilizing the existing fence line.

This revision leaves more than 70% of the existing park as play space for families. Additionally, the diagonal footpath crossing the park will not be impeded in anyway and all four access points will remain.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the park revitalization please contact Maureen Lively, Chair of the Killarney-Glengarry Park Revitalization Committee at

Thanks to ENMAX for the three new fridges at our Hall!

We wanted to take the chance to say a HUGE thanks to ENMAX. We applied for their Energizing Spaces Fund (through the Federation of Calgary Communities) and we were fortunate enough to get most of the money to buy three new fridges for our Hall! We replaced one very inefficient commercial fridge with two stylish new smaller ones for our friends at the Legion #289 downstairs, and also replaced the old domestic fridge in our Hall kitchen upstairs with a shiny new one.

We are looking forward to saving money and energy in 2017 and beyond! Thanks ENMAX!

What is the KGCA Development Committee?

Are you considering developing property in Killarney Glengarry?  The Development Committee of the Killarney-Glengarry Community Association is a volunteer group committed to enhancing the diversity of our Community’s building landscape and to enhancing community life through the support of development projects in our neighbourhood.

The Development Team meets twice a month at the KGCA Hall (2828 28th St SW). The meetings are open to the public. 

What we do

The Killarney-Glengarry Development Committee reviews and responds to the Development Permit and Land Use applications circulated by the City of Calgary.

  • We represent the interests of the Community on planning related issues.
  • We strive to achieve expertise in our knowledge of the land use zoning designations and by-laws in effect in our community, and in all aspects of inner-city Land Development.
  • We actively seek opportunities to communicate with Residents and Developers, with the City of Calgary, with other Community Associations and with other stakeholders on planning and land use issues.

Important Development Information:

Happy Birthday Killarney Pool Playground!

The 'new' Killarney Pool Playground is now one year old, and we want to know what you think of it!

The following post was written by our new Vice-President, Carolyn Johnson. Carolyn and local resident Chelsea Ince were responsible for fundraising and planning for the playground on 29th St SW.

As Chelsea and I stood at the playground today 1 year on - we saw a mom with a 5 month old struggling to convince her toddler to leave the playground for dinner. The by-standing grandma said “isn’t it great to see him having so much fun though?” and the mom smiled gently, saying it was his favourite place to play. Just then my daughter ran into an old preschool classmate and introduced her to Chelsea's son and no sooner did they then race off playing tag together zig zagging and climbing all over the structure.
What a perfect fall evening to illustrate how a playground can bring so much connectivity in a neighbourhood.  Exactly what we had envisioned 3 years ago when we were meeting with suppliers on site with our own babes in arms.

Here is what your first impressions were last year:
  • "I didn't even know the playground existed before the project. Now I don't have to travel across the city to play on rubber surfacing, I can invite friends to play at ours!”
  • Most improved was: Safety, rubber surfacing, fun feature items, better interactivity
  • 85% said the project improved their sense of community because the new playground filled a gap and through it, you have met new people
  • 90% of you said that because of this project, it would has made you more willing to participate in future projects

Now that you have played on it for a year, we would love to hear your feedback on our quick 6 question survey.

This is important information we feed back into our grant providers and so are grateful for your time.  The survey closes on December 23 so answer it now before the holiday season takes over!


I like to think that we stood by this and have inspired others to create similar projects in the neighbourhood.  I felt so personally inspired by the support of the community association during our project, that I joined it this year as Vice President in hopes I can continue to support the mission.

If you or anyone you know has inspiration to lead an improvement project in the neighbourhood, the KGCA board can help support you with connections to businesses through our improved membership benefit program, access to volunteers, guidance for grant applications,  linked up fundraising opportunities and of course communication to our neighbours.  Please contact me at

Carolyn Johnson, VP KGCA

Member Perks are here!

One of our goals as a community association is to nurture a local economy. The KGCA Membership Perks program has been developed both to support and promote local businesses, and to reward you for supporting your community as a KGCA member.

We are in the process of contacting all local businesses and encouraging them to reward your choice to shop local, with special offers and discounts just for our members.

We will keep our Perks page up to date with everyone who is participating - but a huge thanks to our four inaugural members: Hair Peace, Market 17, One Stop Liquor Shop and The Village Flatbread Co.

See our current Membership Perks.

PS: If you’re not already a KGCA member, sign up online now!

Note: If you are a business owner who's interested in joining this program, please email our Director of Membership.

Happy Hops at the Hall

You may have seen the recent addition of a lovely red sign at the Hall on 28th Ave to the left of the Legion entrance. As per the sign, we are very pleased to be growing hops again for the third year to contribute to Village Brewery's 'Community Involved Ale'. Each year, the fine folks at Village work with many community associations throughout Calgary to craft this 'crowdsourced' ale.

The 2016 beer is rumoured to be a basil IPA, which we think sounds extremely intriguing.

If you have any brewing hops growing in your yard that you're willing to donate, please email us.

We'll keep you posted as to when this beauty comes out so you can get say 'cheers' to a little taste of Killarney-Glengarry.

You're Invited to the 8th Annual 'Miracle on 34th Street' Block Party

For the 8th year, these dedicated Killarney-Glengarry residents are holding their block party - and you're invited! Come and meet your neighbours at this great event.

  • WHEN: Saturday September 10, 3-10pm
  • WHERE: The intersection of 34th St and 30th Ave SW
  • WHAT: Live music, face painting, bike decorating, bouncy castle and more
  • WHO: You and your family and friends!

Everyone is welcome at this fun, family-friendly event. Bring along your own lawn chair and feel free to bring dinner to frill on the BBQ. There will also be food for sale - pulled pork on a bun, hot dogs and Spolumbo's chicken sausages.

Admission is $10 per adult/teen (children 12 and under are free). This is NOT a money-making event. Your admission charge is there simply to cover the city permits, barricade rental, activities (bouncy castle/facepainter), plus juice and pop for the kids, and condiments for the grills.

For more information, email the organizers or call Rob Koski (403 246 3372) or Laura Moore (403 282 8966).

Check out their poster here and spread the word!


Local News for June & July

Neighbour Day potluck lunch Over 40 people came along to the Good Companions 50 Plus Club on Saturday June 18 for a Neighbour Day potluck lunch. This was our first joint event with the Good Companions, and we look forward to organizing more get togethers in the future. Thanks to all those who came and volunteered their time to make this happen.

Thanks for attending our AGM

A big thanks to all those who came to the KGCA AGM in June - it was great to see some new faces there.

We heard from our outgoing President - Mike Cundall - who shared our 2015/2016 highlights, and from Keren Houlgate - as Development Director and as Treasurer. Joey Stewart spoke about the importance of strategic planning for the association (you can see our latest business plan here and some of the night's presentations here).

Thanks also to our guest speakers: MLA Brian Malkinson, Cr. Evan Woolley and Communities ChooseWell.

Finally, a huge thanks to outgoing President Mike Cundall for all your hard work, congratulations to our new President Gina Thornton-Hastie (moving up from VP) and a warm welcome to our new VP Carolyn Johnson - new to the board and one of the key volunteers who helped build the new playground on 29th St SW. You can see the full list of board members and their contact details here.

Another successful season of TimBits Soccer

June 25 marked the end of the season for this year's young soccer players, and a great party at the Killarney-Glengarry Hall, organized by our good neighbours at the Richmond Knob Hill CA.

There were medals for all participants, face painting, bounce houses and ice blocks - that were popular despite the chilly day! Playing TimBits soccer is just one of the perks of being a community association member and it's great to see so many kids enjoying the drypond on a Saturday morning.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped organize and coach this year - we couldn't do it without you!

A great turnout at Brian Malkinson's Stampede Breakfast

It was nice to see so many people enjoying MLA Brian Malkinson's hospitality on Sunday July 10 at the Killarney-Glengarry Hall. With face painting, live music and - of course! - free pancakes, sausage and coffee, we counted well over a hundred people chatting and enjoying a rain-free morning.

Lawnchair Theatre at Shaganappi

You and your family are invited to check out this fun, free event on Thursday July 28th at the Shaganappi Community Hall. Bring a lawnchair and enjoy performances by a hula hoop artist plus a kids' singalong and free refreshments. Find out more here.

Calling all young golfers...

The Shaganappi Golf Course is hosting a free family golf event on Sunday July 24th. Spaces are limited, so find out more about the event and how to register here.

Walk Killarney with David Peyto

Join David Peyto on Monday July 25th to learn more about the history of Killarney on a short walk through the area. This event is part of Historic Calgary week and should be a fun and educational jaunt. Find out more here.

It pays to be a member

We are planning a big membership drive this Fall and are currently working with local businesses to secure a range of discounts for KGCA members. We will also be issuing new plastic membership cards over the next year so remember to renew your membership when the time comes - we will remind you by email. If you are not already a member, you can join here for just $25 per family per year.

Local business directory

It's important to support local businesses and services, especially in economic downturns. We have posted a simple directory on our website to help you find what you need.

If you have a business or service you would like us to list, please email us your details (name, address, website, opening hours etc).

PS: It's FREE!

Finally, if you're looking for a great, central space for your next event, you should consider our hall. Members get a discount, with rates starting from just $35/hr. Get more details here, or email Lola if you'd like to talk further or take a quick tour.

FREE Family Golf Event at Shaganappi - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

The Shaganappi Golf Course is proud to offer a great community event for kids on Sunday July 24! IMPORTANT: Spaces are LIMITED to 10 children, so you must register by Tuesday July 19. Event and registration details are below:

  • Date: Sunday July 24, 1.30-3pm
  • Location: Shaganappi Golf Course
  • Ages: suitable for kids aged 6 - 15 yrs (plus a parent needs to attend to supervise)
  • Maximum participants per session = 10 (this is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED opportunity so if we receive more than 10 participants we will need to waitlist you. See below for registration details)

This event is designed to bring families and communities together and get you all involved in an activity with golf instruction on the driving range and putting green. Participants will receive instruction from CPGA certified Professional Instructors and receive golf incentives and giveaways at the end of the session. A program leader will be on site to help facilitate each session.

Clubs will be provided if needed, or you can bring your own.

It doesn't matter if you're new to the sport - here's a great way to get started and meet other families within your community!


To register, email by noon on Tuesday July 19.

Please provide the following details:

  • Child's name
  • Child's age
  • Previous golf experience?
  • Will you need clubs or bring your own?