Keeping our community safe

One of our key priorities as your community association is keeping our neighbourhood safe. Recently, some of our board members met with our Calgary Police Service representative to talk about issues in our area and what can be done to help. Below is a report from our Traffic Director, Na Virani:

The Calgary Police Service is aware of the increased presence of transient individuals in the vicinity of the McDonalds (35 Street & 17 Avenue SW).  Community Resource Officer, Steve Gallant, has been working with social agencies and the McDonalds management to resolve the situation.  McDonalds has been very receptive to advice, respectful of all of their patrons and wants to be part of a lasting solution. 

The City of Calgary has a number of supports for people with addiction, mental health and homelessness concerns.  The Calgary Police Service wants to encourage those individuals suffering from these challenges to engage with those resources.  Those services are centrally located in the downtown core.  The Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Center  (or Sorce) has been open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 4:30pm, since June 18th, 2013.  

Residents of the community are reminded to contact police regarding suspicious individuals or activity.

Calgary Transit Security has recently occupied their new office space in the Westbrook Station.  As a result, there will be an increased officer presence in the vicinity.  Calgary Transit reports that calls for service on the west LRT line have surpassed other locations, which were traditionally busier.  Work to ensure users safety is ongoing.

Lastly, the Calgary Police Service is asking residents to register for “The Hub”.  This is a community automated notification system meant to keep residents informed on recent trends, information alerts, missing persons, emergent incidents, threats to school safety, crime prevention information and community events. 

Register now to receive landline and or cellular telephone options for the delivery of those notifications.