Glengarry Park Upgrade Project

As part of a joint effort between KGCA and the City of Calgary, Glengarry Park is experiencing a two-phase revitalization. The City of Calgary is funding Phase 1 - this portion of the project is currently underway. A drawing is attached for your interest.

Phase 1 updates include:

·  replacing the chain link fence beside the Good Companions club

·  building a chain link off-leash perimeter for the dog park

·  adding two benches inside the dog-park

·  adding trash receptacles near the dog-park entries

·  Removing and relocating coniferous trees from within the off leash area

·  field enhancements

·  creating a wheelchair accessible entrance to the park from good companions parking lot

·  Adding picnic tables to the gravel base near playground

·  Adding pooch posts five metres from the playground

·  Adding a bicycle rack near the playground

·  Relocating an existing picnic table near the shed closer to the playground/break house

·  Paving the SW entrance to the park, with a breakaway bollard at the road and Jersey barriers between the parking lot and playground

Phase 2 of the Upgrade Project

Phase two planning is still underway and will involve getting quotes for the work to be done, as well as applying for grants and fundraising efforts from the community.  The KGCA has pledged $10,000 toward phase 2 and our volunteer project lead, Maureen Lively, has proposed a further goal that the KGCA contributed be matched with donations made through the Project Gift Account, set up with the Parks Foundation.  (This agency provides a tax receipt to each donor.)

Phase 2 involves: 

1) removing and grading the east berm to increase the free play area of the park 

2) adding jumping stumps in the playground area

3) purchasing a dedication bench

4) adding a stone dust walking path with distance markers

5) Adding a welcome sign

6) An optional cigarette urn by bench

6) Adding decorative rocks and/or a piece of art. 

Download the full plans here.

For historical information on the project, see here.