Glengarry Park Revitalization

If you couldn't make it to the Open House on March 14, you can still see the revised plan and provide your feedback via the online survey - open until March 30:

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A very successful first community engagement was held on Monday Oct 17 where 71 people came to share their views on the project and a total of 182 online survey forms were received. 

A second Open House was held on Tuesday March 14 from 4:30-6:30 at the Good Companions 55 Plus Club to allow all residents an opportunity to see the revised plan and provide feedback. Results to come.

Community Engagement 1: Monday October 17

The results from October 2016 showed greater than 90% support the revitalization plan. The most common feedback for the plan was that the proposed use of space offers a good balance that enhances the community and residents’ quality of life. However, there was concern expressed that the scale of the concept drawings was out of proportion giving the impression that there was not a functional use of space properly divided between the playground area, free-play open space for children and the proposed fenced off-leash dog area.

The goal now is to incorporate elements of the design that address the concerns that were expressed in the preliminary proposal in combination with those elements of the design that people felt were a necessity to maximize the use of our park. The architect’s revised plan incorporates those views by relocating the proposed fenced dog area to the far north end of the park utilizing the existing fence line.

This revision leaves more than 70% of the existing park as play space for families. Additionally, the diagonal footpath crossing the park will not be impeded in anyway and all four access points will remain.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the park revitalization please contact Maureen Lively, Chair of the Killarney-Glengarry Park Revitalization Committee at