Remembrance Day 2018

Remembrance Day 2018 4.JPG

The Killarney-Glengarry Community Association was honoured to have seven-year-old Noah Reves lay the wreath at the Remembrance Day ceremony this year. Noah has a keen interest in World War II because of his great grandfather, James Boyle, who trained and served as a Navigator for the RAF.

James Boyle lived and raised his family on Kenmare Crescent in Killarney. His daughter Katie, Noah’s mom, is carrying on the tradition and raising her family in Killarney was well.

Thank you to Noah and Katie for volunteering and bringing such an inspiring family story to the ceremony.

Click here to read more about James’ time in the war.

James passed away four years ago at the incredible age of 92.

Pictures from left to right:

Katie and Noah at the Remembrance Day Ceremony; James Boyle in uniform; the original family home in Killarney; James Boyle receiving a medal from the Canadian Government at age 91 for the sacrifice of the Bomber Command; James Boyle and his son.