Development Meeting: October 6, 2014

The agenda tonight includes the following elements: Review of draft document of development committee organization, goals, and purpose

This will be published in this space once textual revisions have taken place.

Review of development at 2827 30th St SW

This is an interesting proposal- It's a semidetached development, as most new builds in the neighbourhood are.  However, the two structures are offsetting- one has the house near the front of the lot, while the one next door is set back with the garage attached and a deck atop the garage.

2827 30th St SW
2827 30th St SW

It's an unusual design- the net effect is that there is building covering the lot at some point from front to back.  On top of that unusual configuration, the total development is almost 10% larger than permitted.  (45% permitted, 49% proposed).

Decks above garages are not typically permitted, nor is 49% lot coverage.  As a matter of course, the development alwayspushes back on lot coverage- we believe that the houses permitted under the existing bylaw are plenty big enough.

The decks above the garage had a bit more discussion.  There was some disagreement on whether these sorts of developments are universally a problem, or whether they should be permitted in situations where it is sensitive and sensible.

For the purpose of this development, we'll be pushing back on both.

Review of home based business requirements

A resident with a home based business.  This business, which is health care related, is hoping to run said business from their Killarney residence.  The question is whether the business would be categorized as a class 1 or class 2 business.  The distinction between the two is how many visits were expected, as well as the impact on parking.  In this case, the business looks like it won't have a significant impact on privacy, parking, or traffic.  Given that, our position is not to object.

Business repurposing inside of existing structure

A Killarney church is applying to run a 35-kid daycare and pre and post school care from within their facility.  This change-of-use has several requirements- parking, drop off and pickup location, outdoor playground screening.

The site is amenable for this purpose and there is lots of parking.  Given that, our position is not to object.  The committee agreed that this is a very suitable location for this sort of service.

Review of development plan for 2239 31st SW

This is a sensitive two storey Cardel semidetached that meets all of our development requirements.  There are some trees onsite that we would have previously liked to have seen retained, but they suffered extreme damage in the September treepocalypse, and aren't likely to survive.


Review of development plan for  3011 34th St SWThe design of this house is a little unconventional- it's a two story with a peaked roof, but with a false front that presents more as a modern finish.  It also has a number of unusual side yard cantilevers.  One of the things we really liked in these plans was a garage foundation with full depth frost walls.  Slab on grade garages have two serious problems- one is slab cracking, and the second is unsuitability to be developed into secondary suites down the road.  Our understanding is that with side-by-side double garages, this sort of foundation will be mandated as a standard in the near future.


Many committee members commented that they didn't find this design particularly attractive.  Amongst other things, it looks pretty bulky from the street.  But unfortunately, we're not arbiters of style, so that's not grounds under which we can or should object to the development.