Happy Birthday Killarney Pool Playground!

The 'new' Killarney Pool Playground is now one year old, and we want to know what you think of it!

The following post was written by our new Vice-President, Carolyn Johnson. Carolyn and local resident Chelsea Ince were responsible for fundraising and planning for the playground on 29th St SW.

As Chelsea and I stood at the playground today 1 year on - we saw a mom with a 5 month old struggling to convince her toddler to leave the playground for dinner. The by-standing grandma said “isn’t it great to see him having so much fun though?” and the mom smiled gently, saying it was his favourite place to play. Just then my daughter ran into an old preschool classmate and introduced her to Chelsea's son and no sooner did they then race off playing tag together zig zagging and climbing all over the structure.
What a perfect fall evening to illustrate how a playground can bring so much connectivity in a neighbourhood.  Exactly what we had envisioned 3 years ago when we were meeting with suppliers on site with our own babes in arms.

Here is what your first impressions were last year:
  • "I didn't even know the playground existed before the project. Now I don't have to travel across the city to play on rubber surfacing, I can invite friends to play at ours!”
  • Most improved was: Safety, rubber surfacing, fun feature items, better interactivity
  • 85% said the project improved their sense of community because the new playground filled a gap and through it, you have met new people
  • 90% of you said that because of this project, it would has made you more willing to participate in future projects

Now that you have played on it for a year, we would love to hear your feedback on our quick 6 question survey.

This is important information we feed back into our grant providers and so are grateful for your time.  The survey closes on December 23 so answer it now before the holiday season takes over!


I like to think that we stood by this and have inspired others to create similar projects in the neighbourhood.  I felt so personally inspired by the support of the community association during our project, that I joined it this year as Vice President in hopes I can continue to support the mission.

If you or anyone you know has inspiration to lead an improvement project in the neighbourhood, the KGCA board can help support you with connections to businesses through our improved membership benefit program, access to volunteers, guidance for grant applications,  linked up fundraising opportunities and of course communication to our neighbours.  Please contact me at vp@killarneyglengarry.com.

Carolyn Johnson, VP KGCA