Message to Developers

What we look for when we review a Development Permit Application … Single Family Residential

Development Permit Applications that are for “permitted uses” of the land and that fit within the provisions of the Land Use By-laws are not forwarded to the Community Association for comment.

Development Permit Applications that are for “discretionary uses” of the land and those that request relaxations to the bylaw are sent by the City of Calgary to the Community Association for our comments.   As far as is possible, City of Calgary planners will incorporate the Community’s comments into the final Development Permit.

We look at each Development Permit Application to see if it respects the size of the land parcel and harmonizes with the surrounding residences.  We ask that the City refuse relaxations where the result would be …

  • Overbuilding of the land parcel, in other words, where more land is covered by the residence and garage than the 45% that the City by-law allows,
  • Projections into side areas that puts the new building too close to the property line and neighbours,
  • Set backs from the property lines that are outside the by-law, and front or back protrusions of the new building that are excessively beyond the set back of the neighbouring residences,
  • Buildings that are too tall,
  • Upper decks or balconies where the design does not protect neighbour privacy,
  • More hard landscaping than soft landscaping:  Hard landscaping may not support good drainage.
  • In addition, we comment on windows or doors on the sides of the building that overlook neighbours and that do not respect neighbour privacy,
  • Changes in grade that result in a new building appearing higher than the surrounding residences or changes in elevation that will result in drainage issues,
  • Killarney-Glengarry has a unique urban forest and we ask Developers to save as many of the trees on the property as possible.  Bearing in mind that some of our trees are nearing the end of their life-cycle and cannot be saved, we also ask that Developers be generous in providing suitable replacements.

Multi-Residential, Commercial Developments and Land Use Redesignation Applications

Multi-residential properties, commercial development, and land use redesignation applications often have unique features and a greater chance of impacting adjacent residential areas. Killarney-Glengarry Community Association encourages and welcomes you to come to a Development Committee meeting and talk to us before you put in your development permit or land use application.

The Development Committee looks for input that will give us a clear idea of your project. Here’s a checklist of items that you may wish to consider presenting.

  • We strongly encourage you to approach surrounding landowners and to keep a record of the land owners’ locations, contact information, and comments.
  • If the development requires a change in land use please be very clear about the specifics of the land use redesignation application for which you would like community support.  We will usually ask for language in the application that restricts the new building to the agreed shape and type of development.
  • We prefer to see specific concept plans of your building.  We look for building footprint, and streetscape drawings, and for shadow studies.  We will ask you about height, width, setbacks and parking.

In return we will invite residents, the Alderman, the Community Association Board of Directors and other stakeholders to the Development Committee meeting when you present your plan to the Community.   We will publish the meeting date on the Community website.  You will have a forum to present your ideas to the Community, to answer questions about your development, and to ensure that your plan for the development is understood.

If the Community supports your development, initial support from the Community Association will be tentative, pending final land use language, or final plans presented as part of the Development Permit application.

Killarney-Glengarry is a great place in which to live and work.  We are strongly in favour of development that continues to enhance the community.  The Development Committee looks forward to working with you to help you build a very successful development.