Development Meeting: November 17, 2014

Request for rezoning 2820 33rd St SW

A developer has requested CA support for this lot, which borders MC-3 (higher density) lots behind the strip mall on 26th avenue.  This application meets most of the city's non-statutory guidelines for multi residential infill.  It is close to amenities, close to transit, it's adjacent to existing multifamily development.  The only question is the roadway itself-  It is on a feeder street and not on a collector like 37th st or Richmond Road, although 33rd is likely to be redesigned a collector in the near future.  At the moment, the development committee will not be supporting this redesignation, but it's likely that the city will look on this redesignation more favourably than we do.

3404 Richmond Road update

This rezoning is contentious with the surrounding neighbours, citing parking, traffic, overshadowing, and unnecessary density concerns.

Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) has approved the rezoning from RC-2 to MC-2, which would permit building up to 6 units on this oversized RC-2 lot.  The surrounding neighbours are strenuously in objection to this redesignation and will presumably be appealing the CPC decision prior to the matter arriving in front of council. Committee member Gijs is continuing to liaise with the concerned neighbours and will be meeting with the developer to see if neighbourhood concerns and future construction challenges can be addressed.

The neighbours also were involved in this Metro article that spoke more about tree preservation than development issues.  Loss of mature tree canopy is a discussion that can be found throughout the development blog.

Design brochure/Community Character Statement

The committee had a presentation last week on drafting a community character statement, which is important in defining what community character is.  This can be later be added to any amendment to our aging ARP (Area Redevelopment Plan).  This would make community character a component of the statutory building requirements.

U of C visioning project

Keren will be touring the design faculty at the U of C and meeting with professors and advisors tomorrow.  The committee had been discussing what areas of study we'd like our student designates to look at on our behalf.

Design Brochure:

Karen is working with the webpage redesign team to flesh out more development content.

Future meeting dates: Meetings are open to anyone interested in development in Killarney-Glengarry.  We hope to see you there!

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