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Local News for December

Calgary is a very connected city and we receive a lot of information from the City and from various community-minded organizations. We thought it would be a good idea to post this information on our blog so locals can see what's going on, participate in various surveys and have one place to get all their community information. We will create a new story each month and update them as we receive more info - look forward to any feedback or comments:

Volunteers Needed for Fundraising Casino, 28 & 29 February, 2016

We are looking for volunteers to help out at our Fundraising Casino in February. We get to do one of these events every 18 months and the money it raises helps support the Hall and lets us hold community events.

If you can help, check out the roles here and sign up online.

Vulnerable Person's Registry

The Calgary Police Service has created a database where people can register if they have a physical, mental or medical condition that means they might need special help in an emergency.

Find out more about this service and register online here.

City of Calgary's Fair Entry Program 

The City of Calgary has several subsidy programs that help Calgarians facing financial hardship continue to access community and cultural activities. These programs are accessed through a single application process, called Fair Entry.

Recently, Fair Entry launched an online application process that allows Calgarians to apply online for these subsidies. The City of Calgary is working to reduce the stress and isolation that results from financial hardship by lessening the burden of searching for, and applying to, assistance programs.

People may qualify for programs and services they were not aware of, and will only have to explain their financial situation once. The streamlined process makes it more convenient for people to access more than one program.

The programs available through this process are:

  • No cost spay/neuter for cats and dogs
  • Property tax assistance, including rebates on waste and recycling fees
  • Reduced admission to City-run registered recreation programs and facilities
  • Discounted monthly transit passes, including Access Calgary
  • Home maintenance services for seniors

Eligibility for all Fair Entry programs is based on having a valid proof of Calgary residency and income.

See the application for all eight proofs of income accepted by the program. If applying with a Notice of Assessment, the Statistics Canada low income threshold is used, which is approximately $24,000 for a single Canadian and $45,000 for a family of four.

Find out more about the Fair Entry program here.

Share your Precious Gems

You may have noticed a new column in our March newsletter. On page 16, Joey Stewart gives us a fascinating look into a local home that many of us have probably walked past and been curious about. Our neighbourhood is one of the oldest in Calgary and there are all sorts of fun, quirky, and interesting facts just waiting to be shared. If you have a great Killarney-Glengarry story, then email it to Joey here.