Calgary Main Streets Initiative - updates

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Did you know that the City of Calgary has been developing a 20-30 year Municipal Development plan for 24 main street corridors around Calgary? This initiative has had input from Calgarians, main street users, businesses, residents and development experts to make sure high density areas are meeting the needs of locals and development plans are adequately supported by resources (like water & infrastructure).

Killarney is one of the top 3 priority mainstreet areas. Engagement on these streets has been on going and some of our most highly affected residents in Killarney will have seen mailouts earlier in 2017 explaining the new re-zoning vision.


Informed by the public input that started in 2015 and was completed in the fall of 2016, the Main Streets team has refined land use options and policy changes. This work includes land use redesignations (rezonings) and Area Redevelopment Plan amendments which were approved for 16 Avenue NW (Montgomery), Bowness Road NW (Montgomery), 37 Street SW and 17 Avenue SW (west of Crowchild Trail). 

Now that new land use districts and policy changes have been put into place, land owners will be able to build the new building types and uses allowed by the updated bylaw. In main street areas, this will increase the population and sustain a greater variety of local businesses and services as new developments are introduced into these areas.

Considering this future growth, The City will calculate the infrastructure investments and local improvements that will compliment the needs of these areas. Programs related to streetscape master planning, heritage and character home retention and parking solutions are already underway and will continue to be looked at for these areas.

To learn more about the areas with rezoning options and Area Redevelopment Plan amendments being reviewed and considered for approval soon, visit the Main Streets' rezoning information page.

Upcoming presentation dates

1 Avenue NE land use and policy change recommendations: City Council:July 31, 2017

Learn more about upcoming meetings and presentations >


- Where: 17th Ave from Macleod to 37th Street SW & 37th Street from Bow Trail to 26 Ave SW

- What is proposed: a change to the zoning allowance to enable mixed use facilities

- What will happen to my lot if it is in the zone?:  No action will be forced upon you as a result of this plan. This is a long term vision and means that there has been careful thought about permit allocations in the area.  So if you should which to sell, the buyer already has some pre-authorized zoning in place should they which to change the property.

- How might this impact Killarney: It will make Killarney a destination location in Calgary as it will be surrounded by a new variety of retail and small businesses and improved walkability.  It will introduce higher density around us but with that, bring better walkability and diversity.

- How is the KGCA involved: We are a key stakeholder for the project and are being given regular updates from the team.  We also are providing feedback to the project about infrastructure support requirements and ways in which we can preserve the character of the community.

- How was the community engaged?

- What’s next: This spring, the implementation plan, which includes land use (rezoning) and policy improvements, will be up for review and approval by Calgary Planning Commission, Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development and City Council. 

Past presentation dates

• Calgary Planning Commission: February 23, 2017

• Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development: March 8, 2017

For more information and maps, please go to the MainStreets webpage.

*Does this sort of topic interest you?  We are recruiting for a Director of Development on our board to represent the community on these sort of projects.  Join us!