KGCA AGM - Why You Should Attend!

Have you ever been to a KGCA board meeting (they are open to the public) or met any of the KGCA board members? The 2016 AGM (Wednesday, June 22 from 7-9pm) is a great introduction to who is on the board, what we do, and how you can have a say in what happens right here in your neighbourhood.
  • Ever wonder what your membership fees pay for?  See a presentation of the annual books to understand the costs of the community
  • Want to know what programs are offered to you as a community member?  Listen to the breakdown of programs supported in the hall and community
  • Interested in knowing more about upcoming community improvement projects?  Come hear from the Directors as they summarise the work they have done this year and what they have aspirations for in the next year.
  • Do you know about the public forums available to you in Killarney-Glengarry?  Come learn about the different sectors and who is leading them and how you can engage their services (development, traffic etc.)
  • Your vote counts!  Every year, there are new directors to elect. If you want to have a say on who is involved in leading the community, come and vote!

Feeling inspired? Come along to the Hall at 2828 28th St SW,on Wednesday June 22 from 7-9pm, to find out what the current Board has been up to in the last year, and see how you can get involved and have a stronger voice in your community.

PS: If you would like to enquire about joining the 2016/2017 board or one of our volunteer committees, please email our President for more information.

PPS: Did we mention there will be a free ice cream for everyone attending??? Just a little sweetener :)