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Local News for May

Book a table for our Annual Garage Sale: May 14 Our Garage Sale is all set for Saturday May 14, from 10am - 4pm. Come to the Hall – 2828 28th St SW – to find a bargain and enjoy a BBQ lunch from 11am-1pm

Book your table now for only $20 – just call Lola on 403-474-3845. Plus, you can donate any leftover items to the Canadian Cancer Society at the end of the day.

River safety tips from the City of  Calgary

This amazing weather makes a dip in the river, or a rafting trip very tempting. BUT water can be dangerous so make sure you're prepared with the below tips:

  • Your safety and the safety of others should always be top of mind. Rafters, boaters and paddlers need to be aware of water levels, temperature, current speed, cloudy water conditions, and river hazards including bridge abutments, trees and other large debris in the water that can catch, trap or overturn vessels.
  • Being impaired while on the water is never tolerated, nor is the transport or consumption of alcohol.
  • Always be prepared
  • Your safety is your responsibility. All river passengers must wear a life jacket or personal floatation device (PFDs) on the water. Make sure it fits well and is fastened properly. All river vessels must also have a sounding device such as a whistle, and a buoyant heaving line (throw-bag) no less than 15 metres long.
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Arrange drop off and pick up points before you enter on the river. Leave emergency contact phone numbers with someone who can report that you are overdue.
  • Be aware of river conditions
  • Although our City rivers may appear calm in some areas, this isn’t always the case. The City has tools and resources available to help Calgarians check river conditions before you begin your trip. If river flows are high, especially after a major rainfall, postpone your trip until the flows have returned to safer levels.
  • Keep in mind that flows can change quickly.

Visit the City's website for the latest information including flood advisories. You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter and download the Alberta Rivers: Data and Advisories mobile app.

Local Jane's Walk: May 7, 1pm

Local resident Joey Stewart will lead a free walk down 26th St, starting at the Newcastle Pub. All welcome - no registration necessary. You can see this and all the other Calgary Jane's Walk events here.

We are getting ready to Rock

The Calgary School of Rock is opening on May 14th, and we’re excited to welcome them to our neighbourhood!

Owner and President – Bryan Schaefer – is excited to be part of the community and to work with kids in this performance-based program. The school will be based at 2707 17th Ave SW and construction is currently underway.

See more here.


Falconridge/Castleridge Community Centre Bazaar: May 21 - All Welcome!

The Arusha Centre is putting on a free family event through Calgary Dollars at the Falconridge/Castleridge Community Centre, and all are welcome. The event will take place on Saturday May 21, from 11:30am - 3:30pm and will include live performers, henna painting, and vending tables to sell reused items.

Address is: 95 Falshire Drive NE


Neighbour Day is coming - how will you celebrate?

Neighbour Day is on Saturday June 18 and it's a great reason to organize a meet and greet with the people that you share your street and your community with. Events can vary in size from organizing a block party to hosting a local 1 hr walk.  Ideas and possibilities are endless in an attempt to bring our neighbours together.

If you want some ideas, check out the City of Calgary's webpage. Key information includes:

What happens at a Community Association AGM?

If you want to know more about the community - programs, forums, events - and how you can have a say, come along to our AGM on Wednesday June 22 from 7-9pm at the KGCA Hall.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend and meet the board, plus see a summary of the year's activities. Find out more here.

Local business directory

It's important to support local businesses and services, especially in economic downturns. We have posted a simple directory on our website to help you find what you need.

If you have a business or service you would like us to list, please email us your details (name, address, website, opening hours etc).

PS: It's FREE!

Finally, if you're looking for a great, central space for your next event, you should consider our hall. Members get a discount, with rates starting from just $35/hr. Get more details here, or email Lola if you'd like to talk further or take a quick tour.