Three storey residential developments

What are the criteria for support? Bungalows and two-storey semi-detached houses are the predominant built form of homes in Killarney-Glengarry. There are examples of existing three-storey houses in the neghbourhood that set a precedent, and now requests for support for new three-storey houses are increasing in frequency.

To ensure that Development Permit evaluations continue to be consistent, the KGCA Development Committee will base its support for proposed three-storey residential developments on the following criteria:

  • Is the three-storey development proposed for a site zoned M-C1, M-C2 or M-CG (multi-family residential) or for a site zoned DC or R-C2 (low-density residential)?
  • Are the neighbours who are directly affected by the development aware of the details of the proposed three-storey building, and do they support it?
  • Are relaxations to the Land Use Bylaw required to build the proposed development?
  • Does the proposed three-storey development relate positively, in mass and proportion and height, to the context of the streetscape of the block where it is to be built?
  • Does the three-storey design complement the appearance of the existing streetscape? Does the design incorporate features that reference surrounding homes and reduce the appearance of mass?
  • Is the proposed three-storey development planned for a site that is graded below or at the same grade as the surrounding homes? Are entries, back and front, at grade?
  • Are there balconies or decks on the rear face of the proposed three-storey home from where the backyards of the neighbours could be overlooked? Are there other features of the proposed three-storey home that could adversely impact the neighbours?
  • Does the design consider features that would increase the compatibility of the proposed three-storey development with its surroundings? For example,
    • Staggered height side-by-side semi-detached two- and three-storey buildings,
    • Lighter-coloured finishes that reference older homes in the streetscape,
    • Design elements that bring the eye to street level or that encourage interaction with the neighbours, e.g., a front porch large enough to accommodate seating,
    • Setbacks that reduce the apparent mass, proportion or height,
    • A pitched roof design that creates the appearance of two and half storeys.

If you are thinking of developing a three-storey residence in Killarney-Glengarry and want to know more, email our Development Director.