Walk Historic Killarney with David Peyto

Article courtest of Joey Stewart - our imagineKillarney Steward David Peyto (pee-toe) a descendant of the famous Peyto Lake family is a retired Phys Ed school teacher who loves to walk. His project is walk every street in Calgary. You heard that right “every street in Calgary”. He started in September 2013 and told me this week that so far he’s walked on all the streets between the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

David was inspired by Matt Green a man who is walking all the streets in the five New York City boroughs. He’s not doing it quickly and he doesn’t walk every day - he says he’s not obsessed with the project - he just loves to walk. He thinks it will take him 6 - 10 years to cover the entire city.

He is an enthusiastic walker and has already written three Calgary walking guides. The books are focused around the LRT stations and the environs around them.

He has already walked through Killarney once but this year for Historic Calgary Week he’s taking people on historic walks where the old streetcar lines used to run. Killarney is one of those communities and so we will have the privilege of walking with David along the old streetcar route in Killarney.

Come and join us on Monday July 25 at 9am - meeting at the park on the corner of 29th St and 21st Ave SW. See more here.