KGCA Board of Directors



/ˌvälənˈtir/ noun

  • 1.a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

The Killarney-Glengarry Community Association Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to manage the continued oversight of the Community Hall, local programming, and community events. The Board is elected annually at our AGM in June, and we typically sit for a two-year term. You can read about our history and our mission and vision here.

Did you know?

When resarchers at the London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and measures of happiness, they found the more people volunteered, the happier they were. Volunteering builds empathy, strengthens social bonds, and makes you smile.

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  • Chair all meetings of the Association, the Board and the Executive

  • Ensure Association Business Plan, vision and mission are current

  • Ensure the Association is in good standing with its governing bodies

  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors

  • Manage risks and help prioritize Board’s activities

  • Assist in assigning members to various committees and delegating as required

  • Consult with municipal, provincial and federal officials on matters affecting the community and surrounding area

Starting as a volunteer in 2014, Carolyn has been KGCA president for just over a year now. Although she has so many fond memories working alongside the KGCA and its people, one of her favourite moments was when over 200 kids came to the opening of the Killarney Pool Playgound. She says it was incredible to see the community rally together to complete such a vibrant project. Carolyn also loves events like Cheers Killarney where she gets to meet new faces within the community. 

She continues to strive to make a direct, proactive impact on what happens within our community. With a strong inner drive for engagement, Carolyn brings transparency and accountability to the role. She is motivated by being able to build and support a team of varying skills sets to make Killarney an even better place to live.    

Vice president (HR): Kristin Nicholson

  • Acts in the absence of the President/Chairperson

  • Manages on-boarding/orientation of new board members

  • Manages staff and contractors and related contracts

  • Provides guidance on renter strategy for facility

  • Serves on the Executive Committee

  • Other special duties by interest or assignment

Vice president (operations): robert crawley

  • Acts in the absence of the President/Chairperson

  • Manages on-boarding/orientation of new board members

  • Manages staff and contractors and related contracts

  • Provides guidance on renter strategy for facility

  • Serves on the Executive Committee

  • Other special duties by interest or assignment

TREASURER: Blair waldman

  • Ensures Association financial health (signatory, banking structure, budget spend authority etc.)

  • Prepares financial reports and files on time (monthly, AGLC, year end)

  • Meets organization's tax obligations (CRA Filings, GST filings etc.)

  • Completes asset evaluation (fixed asset evaluation, projection and write downs)

  • Establishes and maintain financial controls and procedures

  • Performs book keeper duties should one not be present


  • Ensures board adheres to Society and City of Calgary regulations

  • Manages and ensures Association Bylaws are kept current

  • Manages and prepares Board meeting cycles and minutes (calendars, agendas, minutes, actions, motions)

  • Manages Board meeting guests and topics

  • Provides guidance to board on meeting protocol and priority setting (Roberts rules etc.)

  • Establish and Maintain policies related to document management, meeting order and any legal items (insurance, elections, sub-leases etc.)

  • Additionally Member of the Executive and a signatory for the Association

Past-president: mike cundall

  • Supports the President in his/her position through mentoring, coaching, advising and analysis of Board development and procedures

  • Provides a historical context for decision-making and revising planning, objectives, etc.

  • Other special duties by interest or assignment

Mike has been involved with the board for the past five years. His journey started when he decided it was time to get to know his neighbours better and work towards creating a better community.

He was attracted to learning how a Board of Directors functioned and how we could all improve the community. He also wanted to contribute to new places for kids and teens to play. Using his passion and handy man skills, Mike has followed through with that goal. He served on a committee that created the current Killarney Pool Playground. He is also helping to upgrade the hall and is currently working on plans to improve the skating rink. 

Director of communications: Signe Spence

  • Provides strategic direction on the planning and implementation of public facing efforts to advance the KGCA mission and vision

  • Manages all aspects of the production and distribution of the newsletter

  • Manages the website and supporting communications channels

  • Manages appropriate advertising for the Association

  • Works with other Board Members as required, to promote events and initiatives

  • Encourages both online and real time engagement amongst community member


With expertise in project management and a strong understanding of budgets and costing, Rob is able to share his expertise while helping to improve his community.

He's constantly reaffirmed in his role when he gets to witness and be a part of neighbourhood improvements and developments. Rob is motivated by the board’s ability to take charge of issues and build solutions to fix them. Like when the board brought forward the Brown Bag 4 Kids lunch program, and everyone unanimously agreed to proceed and offer the facility to help with the program.


  • Organizes event sub-committee and event volunteers

  • Organizes yearly event calendar (i.e. Easter party, Halloween party, volunteer appreciation, Family Skate party) with input from board and event sub-committee

  • Advises event volunteers on event planning, budgeting, communications, and outreach

  • Works with community partners and volunteers to plan and run events

  • Recommends and manages any grant applications related to Events

Elena has been interested in helping people for her whole life and is always asking herself: “What can I do for others?” Her first volunteer experience was with Doors Open YYC in 2014. Her experiences there led to working with the owner of Great Russian Ballet to bring the show to the Arts Commons theatre. She currently works fulltime as a Care Ambassador for veterans at a homecare network.

Elena looks forward to hearing from the community about what they need and expect from her in her new role. “It’s not about me, but about us,” she says. “Together we can build a prospective, joyful community and a place that we call Home!”

director of safe & vibrant streets: Nazim Virani

Naz currently serves as the President of Sarina Homes, whose inner-city homes are known for their modern, inspired and connected feel. He understands what makes a quality neighbourhood, and what people are looking for when it comes to choosing/living in a community.  

Volunteering with the board, he says that he’s met some really neat people here that share his same sense of community and contribution. Naz believes that the best communities are held together by people who are engaged and care. He says anyone can help make a difference in the community by stopping to say hello.

director of Membership: Kaitlyn Smith

  • Ensures growth of membership through recruitment drives, and growth strategies

  • Maintains the membership list

  • Maintains, improves and is the point person for the membership perks program

  • Reviews and prepares policy and procedures with respect to membership.


  • Responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of LOC and related contracts (community hall, grounds, rink, parking lot)

  • Oversees the Facility Lifecycle report and facility conditions to develop maintenance plan against it

  • Recommends and manages any grant applications related to the LOC

  • Works with facility contractors to understand requirements, quotes, and where necessary lead facility project work

  • Maintains up-to-date building maintenance records

director of engagement: abbas mancey

  • Works with Communications, Membership and Event Directors to proactively establish creative ways of improving engagement in the community

  • Manages volunteer recruitment strategy, database and volunteers

  • Maintains connections with other community hubs to identify collaboration and cross-communication opportunities (Churches, Schools, City of Calgary programming/facilities, Societies etc.)

  • Connects and recommends local sponsorship and grants with opportunities in the community that require support

    Killarney has been home for Abbas and his family since June 2018. Originally from the Caribbean, Abbas has been living in Calgary since  2014 while working in the Non-profit sector. With a background in international development he as lived and worked in a dozen countries. Abbas has come to love many things about Calgary, including the rich diversity of people and communities in the city. He considers himself a people-person and has always looked for opportunities to have a positive impact where he lives. Abbas is eager to connect with residents in Killarney-Glengary that want to strengthen relationships and connection with neighbours in their community.

Current Board Vacancies

Interested? Contact us today. 

Director of development:Open for applications, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

  • Plans and conducts Planning and Development Committee (PDC) meetings

  • Helps identify responses from the PDC on development applications and policy changes

  • Ensures that comments and suggestions from community residents and other citizens (such as from neighbouring communities) are heard and considered by the DPC (e.g., review comments provided online, by petition or in-person)

  • Understands, clarifies, and presents an unbiased view of queries or conflict on a development in the community

  • Responsible for ensuring communication is recorded and clear between community residents, KGCA Board, City of Calgary and residents

  • Prepares agendas for DPC meetings, public meetings


  • Produce the Killarney-Glengarry newsletter (mailed to 5,400 households/published online)

  • Adhere to Great-News publisher guidelines and policies

  • Manage contributors and community content

  • Write engaging/relevant community stories & announcements for print and the KGCA blog