Traffic Committee


The Traffic Committee is part of the Killarney-Glengarry Community Association. We are committed to keeping our streets safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and improving the walkability of our community overall. To help achieve this, one of the main things we are tasked with is traffic calming.

What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming uses a mixture of physical infrastructure and communications to help traffic flow safely on the roads.

Did you know what Killarney-Glengarry has more traffic-calming devices than any other suburb in Calgary?

On some of our community’s busier through-roads – like 26th Ave, 17th Ave, 29th St and 37th St – we actually try and reduce the number of physical barriers so we can keep traffic moving well. This helps make the interior residential streets slower and safer, and encourages use by residents and their visitors only.

Some common traffic calming devices include:

  • Curb extensions
  • Speed humps and cushions
  • Controlled crossings

Find out more about how the City of Calgary works to calm traffic here.

If you have comments on traffic and walkability in our community, email us.