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The Great Soup Debate for Ward 8

The Killarney Glengarry Community Association (KGCA) invites community members to attend the 2017 Municipal Election “Killarney’s Great Soup Debate for Ward 8” on Saturday, September 30, 2017, at 1:30 PM at the KGCA Hall.

You can register here:

The KGCA has been organizing debates for the past 13 years for Federal, Provincial, and Municipal elections. Our purpose is to offer candidates an opportunity to address issues pertinent to the upcoming election, to allow you, the constituents, to get to know each other, and to build a stronger, politically literate community, all while having a little fun and food.

This food element of this debate is considered a grassroots work of public art within a community event that includes artistic social practice. During the debate, attendees will be asked to blind taste test the three soups, prepared by the candidates, and vote to award the winner with the coveted Golden Ladle award!

More on public art and artistic social practice

Public art is alive and well in Calgary and takes on many forms; it is not limited to the medium of sculpture. There are international artists from Calgary who have exhibited in other countries and obviously artists from elsewhere sharing their work here in Calgary. Art is about sharing culture and values. Public art is a public good, it can provide a new way of looking at the city. As we have seen most recently, it also is a springboard for dialogue.

Melisa Centofanti, a Killarney artist, is proud to announce that her name has recently been added to the “City of Calgary Public Art Roster 2017-2018”. 

Killarney’s Great Soup Debate for Ward 8 can be seen as a grassroots work of public art within a community event that includes artistic social practice facilitated by Melisa Centofanti. Artistic Social practice is defined by Wikipedia as follows:

Social practice is an art medium that focuses on engagement through human interaction and social discourse.[1] Since it is people and their relationships that form the medium of such works – rather than a particular process of production – social engagement is not only a part of a work’s organization, execution or continuation, but also an aesthetic in itself: of interaction and development.[2] Socially engaged art aims to create social and/or political change through collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutions in the creation of participatory art.[3] The discipline values the process of a work over any finished product or object.

Melisa has volunteered her time on the food and politics project to create and lobby for the value of art within communities municipally, provincially and federally. Most importantly, the purpose of this event is to put a little more fun into politics. As a professional full-time artist, the funding of projects like these is vital in order to facilitate a thriving community and the growth of culture in Calgary.

As candidates for Ward 8, should you agree to provide an authentic homemade soup and

anonymous story about your soup, you will become a participant of Killarney’s public art event. The work requires your participation as well as public voting and sharing of food (in this case soup) in order to attract attendance, engage and educate voters.

This series began in 2010 with Pizza for Mayor, it was so well received that it started a “Food for Politics” series at the Killarney Glengarry Community Association (KGCA) including “Curry for Currie” (2012 & 2015) in which one of the candidates in 2012 boasted “This is THE BEST debate I have ever attended.” The series also includes “Pie for PC Candidate” (2012), Meat Pie for Member of Parliament (2014) and Soup for Success in Ward 8 (2013).

The KGCA has supported community public art projects such as a mural in 2006 (in partnership with Antyx), community garden signs commissioned to Killarney artists as needed, City of Calgary utility boxes, and most recently a 2015 mural co-produced by Melisa Centofanti and Zachary Abbott. We look forward to continuing to partner with local artists and politicians to keep our community thriving.

The KGCA and Melisa Centofanti look to create a casual kitchen party atmosphere where politics can be discussed in a positive and respectful atmosphere. We look forward to hearing your soup stories and tasting your culinary creations on September 30.

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