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by Carolyn Johnson

There were many great things that occurred in our community this year. Here is a reflection on a few of them!

1 new vision. Build a safe, vibrant, and inclusive community. Behind this are a series of objectives for the organization that the board set in the spring of 2018 as part of a three year business plan for 2018 to 2021. If you’re interested in seeing a copy, contact Carolyn at pres@killarneyglengarry.com

2 Mainstreets projects activated. Engagement began in the spring of 2018 to improve the liveability of 17th Avenue and 37th Street. Initial streetscape designs were presented to the community in December. We are pleased to hear the Killarney impact project is included in the City budget! Comments are being accepted via the links below:



 3 restaurants included in our new Killarney Culinary Crawl (Little Lebanon, Sauce, Bow Bulgogi). With the intention of improving walkability, our SafeStreet committee started up a walking food tour this year to encourage living local. If you’d like to see more of this type of thing, contact Naz at traffic@killarneyglengarry.com to share your ideas.

 4 moms continue to run KGCA tot time which services over 30 families on a weekly basis (Carolyn, Dominique, Hannie, Kelsey). On top of building a community amongst themselves, this year tot time extended their support to two charities: Calgary Reads and Brenda’s House. Join their Facebook group to learn more.

5 years of facility lifecycle agreed to. KGCA leases and operates our community hall building and land, located at 28th Avenue and 28 Street, from the City of Calgary. This year we underwent an extensive engineering overview of the building lifecycle. We are seeking help with setting our maintenance priorities and capital forecasting. Contact Carolyn at pres@killarneyglengarry.com if this is a skill you can contribute.

6 members on the development and planning committee (DPC) working hard to review permit applications and provide support and guidance to residents.

7 years + of successful garage sales! A sold out BBQ and 19 tables worth of goods to scour, the popular community garage sale is looking for a new event lead. If you want to see this event again in 2019, and are interested in getting involved contact Elena at events@killarneyglengarry.com

 8 new fruit bushes planted by our community garden team to help improve the corner landscaping.

9 Board members elected to help steer our Community Association. (Luke, Jamie, Sarah, Elena, Cale, Kaitlyn, Naz, Rob, Carolyn). We are still looking for a VP, Facility Director and Engagement/Partnership Director. Contact Carolyn to find out more or to attend our next board meeting to observe.

 10 months of brown bagging. Our KGCA Brown Bagging For Kids (BB4K) supports over 35 kids across five local schools with healthy bagged lunches during the school year. They were so well run, that BB4K profiled them and asked them to help build a second bagging team in the community! If you are interested, they are always keen on volunteers. Contact Alie at aronellenfitch@gmail.com

 11: over 11,000 kg of waste recycled at our community cleanup in June. Are you interested in helping with the event for 2019? We are looking for a new event coordinator. Contact Elena events@killarneyglengarry.com if you want to learn more.

 12 newsletters published. In 2018, we wrote over 50 articles and featured 12 people of Killarney. Are you interested in helping write in 2019? Contact Jamie at comms@killarneyglengarry.com to join the Communications committee.

 Happy new year Killarney-Glengarry, from the KGCA board!