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17th Ave & 37th St. Streetscapes
Master Plan – Mainstreets

The project is creating a vision of what a street can be & how to improve:  

          The look & feel of a street.
          Safety, accessibility, and transportation operations.

On March 6, 2018 an information session was held for 37th St. There were some neighbours from Killarney as well as representatives from Shaganappi, Rutland Park, and Rosscarrock.

After the initial discussions, the City had an interactive map of 37th street extending from Bow Trail to Richmond Rd. Everyone was allowed to make comments directly on the plans, add stickers of trees, playgrounds, bikes etc.

 Comments ranged from slowing down traffic, adding green park space on the NE corner of 37th Street and 17th Ave. , adding boulevards, creating a greenway, bike lanes, moving front drives to rear drives, improving retail, creating a more walkable street, sense of history, etc. There was a lot of talk from residents and the City about the proposed parking lot and soccer dome at Westbrook.

PowerPoint from the sessions

The projects were approved in 2017, and are currently in the discovery phase. For more information and to receive emails on the project as well as future engagement sessions, visit:

17th Ave:

37th St.:


Killarney-Glengarry Area Redevelopment Plan

The updated Killarney-Glengarry Area Redevelopment Plan (which includes the areas around the 17 Avenue SW west of Crowchild Trail and 37 Street SW main streets) provides support for mixed-use development, low-rise apartments, row houses, as well as single- and semi-detached homes in the blocks nearby.

For more information and to receive emails on the project as well as future engagement sessions,, visit:


Crowchild Trail Upgrades: 2018 Updates

Construction continues and will begin to ramp up in late March/early April. A good majority of the construction work will take place this year

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