Rebuilding: Killarney-Glengarry Development & Planning Committee

Just over 3 years ago, with few volunteers and a committee in need of revival, the community’s Development & Planning Committee (DPC) fell. Since this time, it has become stronger than ever and achieved some notable success. To get a closer look into the DPC, we sat down with Carolyn Johnson, President of the Killarney Glengarry Community Association (KGCA), Cale Runions, Outgoing Director of Development KGCA and Evan Woolley, Ward 8 City of Calgary Councillor to learn more.

Carolyn, can you describe the role of the DPC and why it’s important? 

Housing Development & Planning in Killarney has been very active over the last five years as an inner-city community responding to the City of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan.  Community Associations provide a link between City planning approvals and residents, providing a local voice and ensuring adequate engagement is occurring.

What is it you did Carolyn to help the fallen committee rebuild? 

In 2017, KGCA restructured its Development and Planning Committee (DPC).  We established this with a steering committee made up of board members, a planning consultant borrowed from the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association and residents from the community.  We then got to work and developed a document that broke out our engagement into a decision matrix that identified what to review based on impact.  This document is our ‘Terms of Reference’ (TOR).

Cale, can you explain the details of the ‘Terms of Reference’ document?

The TOR document has been effective as it gives residents, developers and the City clarity and

transparency on how the committee operates.  It does this by outlining for each tier of development, what role the KGCA will play in facilitating dialogue and providing comment. It also ensures that the KGCA conducts reviews in a consistent, objective manner.  In addition, it outlines the logic underpinning recommendations made by the neighborhood to the City on proposed developments. Given that development decisions shape our neighborhood for years to come, we felt it was important to have underlying criteria (safety, vibrancy, inclusiveness) that help build the neighborhood residents’ vision, while providing clarity on the process that developers require. 

 To view the KGCA TOR document visit:

 Councillor Woolley what was your involvement with the KGCA Development and Planning Committee?

I was approached by Carolyn to brainstorm some ideas on how to revive the fallen committee.  To support their efforts, I provided KGCA with some time from our Ward 8 Development Advisor and connected them with a professional community planner who works with Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (Lisa Chong).  To learn more about Ward 8 development, residents can visit

 Carolyn, you recently received a planning certificate from the Federation of Calgary Communities, can you tell us more about this experience? 

When I started volunteering on the DPC, I entered the process knowing very little about development and planning. Through the KGCA, I was able to access training from the Federation of Calgary Communities. They are an organization that supports, trains and encourages community non-profit leaders and volunteers by giving them the education and tools to make Calgary a better place.  I just think it’s incredible to look back and reflect on how I’ve been able to validate my learning through an official certificate of planning. To me this is a great example of how volunteering with the KGCA can help in furthering your professional skills.

 Cale, KGCA is in the process of looking for a new Director of Development after your term ends in September 2019.  Can you tell us why you believe a member of our community should consider taking on this role?  

 Well I guess the best way to answer this question is to share why I joined. I’ve long had an interest in real estate and development, and saw this role as a chance to learn more about these topics while giving back to the community. I have significant experience dealing with landowners on major infrastructure projects (pipelines, transmission lines) and thought my experience would be beneficial to this role as the KGCA works with residents and developers to align their visions for the community. Finally, it provided the opportunity to meet and work with many of the talented and passionate individuals who live in our neighborhood.


If you are interested in the role and would like to learn more about applying, please contact: